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Welcome to ARU Crowdfunding

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the sponsorship by a crowd of many donors, each making an individual, small donation in return for a small reward, like a t-shirt or a project poster. It works really well for universities because there are large groups of people who want to see your projects succeed, whether its staff, other students or members of our wider ARU community. Crowdfunding is about collaboration, sharing and supporting each other to achieve success.

Can I use ARU Crowdfunding?

Yes, if you are a current student, or member of staff at Anglia Ruskin University.

Who are the sponsors?

Your sponsors will be individuals such as alumni, friends, and family. Occasionally, they may also be complete strangers! How many people your project reaches is up to you. The better you plan your campaign, the wider the audience that should be available to you.

Can I raise more than my funding target?

Yes! There is no ceiling to how much you can raise and it is common for projects to raise more than their minimum, or even more than their ultimate fundraising target.

What's all-or-nothing funding?

We ask you for two financial targets that you want to hit - the minimum you need to run your project and the maximum amount of money you could use to deliver your ultimate project. For student projects, in academic year 2018-19, the maximum you can raise on ARU Crowdfunding is £3,000, although, never fear, you can submit multiple projects in a year, even at once - but beware, that will require a bit more work, so ensure you've got a great team to help.

Project funds only change hands if you reach the minimum target by the end date. This means you only need to carry out your project and deliver rewards if you achieve your target. We recommend setting the minimum at the smallest amount you need to complete your project and successfully deliver rewards. You can still set a bigger project target as well! In fact, most projects receive considerably more than their minimum.

What is a project?

When you publish your idea or event, we call it a project. For your idea to become a project, you must have a clear goal and be able to explain how you will spend the funds you raise.

ARU Matchfunding

To support our students innovation and creativity, we are offering to provide matchfunding to all eligible student Creators. This additional donation, made thanks to the generosity of our ARU alumni, will be up to either 25% of the projects minimum target, or £500 (depending on greater value).

Are there any fees?

Yes, although Anglia Ruskin University cover the costs of the platform, we do use Stripe to process all donations, so please take this into consideration when budgeting for your project - you may be better to add a little extra on to your target total, so you can guarantee you're not caught short of the amount you need to fulfil the project. You can find out more about Stripe fees on their website, just search for 'UK Pricing'.


The Crowdfunding Handbook
Rewards Guide
Promotion Guide User Guide and Agreement User Guidelines for Sponsors

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