Team Anglia Racing: EnduroKa Project

A project by: Andy Ferady

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This project will only receive pledges if at least £150 is pledged by Fri 24 Apr 2020
We're building a race car for the 2020 season and we need your support!


We're asking for funding to support the teams current project, building a mk1 Ford Ka to EnduroKa spec for racing and competing in the upcoming 2020 Motorsport season.

Who are you?

Team Anglia Racing is a student society based on the Chelmsford campus. The main focus of the society is to provide fun, practical projects open to all students, based around both automotive and motorsport topics.

Your story

Over the past three years the society has competed in the inter-university competition Formula Student with varying success. However, due to the substantial cost related to the programme continuing, we decided to diversify into club level motorsport. After summarising a few options, we settled on building a Ford Ka track car. This project builds on what we have already achieved, from rebuilding and running the society kart, to adapting our old Formula Student chassis into a simulator rig.

Where will the money go?

  • Any funds raised from this campaign will go into purchasing parts needed to complete the Ka build. From bushes to brake pads, coil springs to cut off switches.
  • The total cost of the project is expected to be around £5000, including purchasing the car and all the relevant parts and equipment needed. Through fund raising over the summer of 2019 the society purchased a donor car and have begun work on it. With the support of the Student Union, we hope to secure additional funding to support the project.
  • We regularly add updates to our Instagram and facebook pages of how we're progressing, and interact with other universities using these platforms.

Images and video

Find us here

For updates follow us on instagram @TeamAngliaRacing, use the hashtag #teamangliaracing and like us on facebook 'Team Anglia Racing'.

For more info on the EnduroKa series, click this link

Help us succeed!

  • Any support we get for this project will be massively appreciated, and we will post updates of how your donation is helping support the project.