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Memories ingrained into the spaces once lived in, laughed in and loved in.

A short summary of your project:

After her grandparents pass away, Kai is the one responsible for taking care of their house and clearing it out. She finds herself in the world she knew so little about and through this interaction with physical memories left behind she learns about her family and a little bit about herself too.

We are a committed group of Film and Television production students in our third year at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. For our final major project we are in the midst of crafting a short drama film entitled 'Gills and Fins'. Our story is about memories ingrained into the spaces people once lived in, laughed in, and loved in but have now since left behind. 

Who are we?

Solomia Dzhurovska - Director

Hello my name is Solomia Dzhurovska I'm a director and writer with a passion for time-bending structures and magical film visuals. I am drawn to the themes of acceptance and letting go. With Gills and Fins I aim to explore the feeling of collective memory and how it is contained in the living space of a person. My latest co-directed ASMR documentary Tertiary Sound was selected to BFI London Film Festival in 2019.

William Smith - Producer

Hello my name is William Smith and I am the producer of Gills and Fins. I have a keen interest and desire to pursue a carrier in children's film and television and I enjoy exploring how storytelling can be used to encourage an audiences positive development and engagement. I have great attachment to character and how the portrayal of characters on screen can drive a narrative forward as well as inspire audiences. Gills and Fins has great potential. The narrative holds great warmth, chance for learning and exploration of history. As the producer I am doing my very best to expose said potential and with fair seas and following winds I believe our team can pull it off!

pHOEBE sLOLEY - 1ST assistant Director

My name is Phoebe Sloley and I am the 1st Assistant Director for Gills and fins. Within my role as 1st Assistant Director I will be bringing all departments together to work in harmony and use our talents to create Gills and Fins. I have experience within the majority of departments giving the capability on set, running the production smoothly and organising the set to produce our best work. Being able to take on my favourite role on this film gives me great excitement. I’m looking forward to working with the crew to coordinate our talents to create this film. 

Lawrence Pesquera - Editor 

My name is Lawrence Pesquera and I'm the editor of Gills & Fins. Having made editing a hobby since the start of Sixth Form, making personal short films, travel videos, and experimental sequences to learn and improve on my knowledge of editing software and effects, I feel very confident in what I could deliver to this project, be it visuals, structure, and pacing, I will convey the director's vision and intentions.

Aitor MOYA-munos - Sound Designer

Hello I am Aitor Moya-Munos I am in charge of sound design on Gills and fins. I am 26 years old. From the world. Living for and by the music. This project offers an amazing opportunity to fill the space with feelings and emotions. Gills and Fins shows a space, it's history and the characters through small but intense details, combining both visuals and sound.

Barbara Sousa - Sound

Having worked as a sound recorder and editor in various films ranging from drama to documentary. Barbara strongly believes that sound and music can really make the film. She managed to gather different experiences throughout the past years. Not only acquiring the technical but also the critical skills. And always nursing a profound love for beautiful things and bringing stories to life.

Alberto Casanova - Director of Photography

My name is Albert Collado Casanova and for Gills and Fins I’ll be developing the role of Director of Photography. I was born in Spain but moved to U.K. to study my degree and start my career. I have big attention to detail and I apply this to my life and to my films, I can’t stop until I get things done correctly and I’m satisfied with the result. If I don’t like how it looks, I’m sorry but we are starting again. Professionally, I would like to develop a career inside the commercial /marketing side of my studies because I believe I will succeed here.

Arman Yskakov - Camera Operator 

Hello I'm Arman. I’m 23 years old. I study Film and Television Production at ARU. I’m Camera Operator for Gills and Fins. I like working with cameras and all technical sides to film, I find cinematography and operating cameras really interesting and have begun specialising in both. I intend to bring all my ideas to life within this project and intend to show my best skills.

Crisiti Tomsa - Art Director 

My name is Cristi-Valeria Tomşa and I'm running the Art Department for Gills and Fins. Regarding the wardrobe and set design, we are finding ourselves on the edge of two extremes, the grey/ brown tones of the current time and the glorious bright colours of the early 80'. I'm ready to test my adaptability and knowledge of the time period fashion but also enjoy the creative process. In my teenage years, I was obsessed with costumes!  I would re-create elements and add them to my portfolio, such as : Richard Harrow's metal mask from Broad-walk Empire, Mad Hatters hat from Alice in Wonderland and Emma Bloom's boots from Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children. With project i would love once again to bring that childhood like passion and achieve a beautiful setting in the context of a moving picture.

Our story

In our final year of studying film and television at ARU we are bringing our efforts together to create a film in which every aspect will be carefully crafted and thoughtfully combined together. For us it a way to explore the feeling of memory and loss and we hope to share it with our audiences. Gills & Fins taps deeply into the world of collective memories and soon to be forgotten lives. It’s something many of us can relate to. In the film we focus on the feeling that is contained in the living space; we explore the house together with the main character and experience it through the quiet moments and small findings.

With our pledge for donations in mind; we feel that there are not enough films that explore the quietness and stillness of the present. Short form allows us to show such moments and fully recreate the essence of it on screen. We are dealing with very big themes - polyamory, loss, memory, letting go, acceptance. But we chose to explore them differently, to approach and observe them though the experience of another person, through their quiet pain and emotion. And maybe sometimes we try and blur the lines between the character and the viewer.

Where will the money go?

The large proportion of the money we fundraise will go towards securing a suitable location. Gills and Fins is as much about space as it is about the people that inhabit said space and finding a location that firstly complements the script but secondly proves feasible as part of a production is our current priority.  In conjunction part of our funding will also go towards the dressing and design of said location in order to reflect the scripts original aesthetic to .a high standard.

Funding will also be allocated to our casting. We are presently securing an experienced actor and two experienced voice actors to help our team bring Gills and Fins to life. Our discussed hourly rate for actors is £80 per day of production including rehearsals. 

Other costs to cover include:

Cast and crews transport to and from location.

Catering for our cast and crew. Which all things going well will include a hot meal each day. 

Marketing to Film Festivals. Once the project is complete we hope to take it further than University. We hope to enter our project into film festivals and film competitions to spread the messages of Gills and Fins.   

Donations big or small will go a long way to helping us fulfil our aspirations and any support shown will be wholeheartedly appreciated. 


Help us succeed!

We need all the help we can get! 

Please share to our fundraiser the more exposure the better! This project is about people and the legacy they leave behind. It's people that will make this project happen and we hope to look back on this project fondly when considering our own legacy in the future. 

It doesn't have to be donations. If you think you can lend a hand, make a suggestion or help us in some other way please don't hesitate to get in contact with our team! 

Please donate and help Gills and Fins reach it's full potential! 

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