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A short crime drama film following one man's spiralling journey into the criminal underworld.

A short summary of your project

We are raising funding for a short drama/thriller film which will be our graduation film! We are looking not only to create a strong graduation film, but to kickstart our futures. 

DownFall is a short crime drama film set in modern day Britain. Our story follows Lucas whose life is spiralling out of control, and the desperate actions he will take to regain what he has lost.

Who are you?

We are a team of dedicated third year Film and Television Production students from Cambridge School of Creative Industries. Meet our team: 


When I started at university 3 years ago it was my passion to direct a film about crime culture and the effect it has on people and now I’ve got the chance to do so in “DownFall”. I have worked closely with the rest of the team on previous projects with great success and hope to push us as a team to greater lengths to produce the best possible film.

“DownFall” is the biggest project I have undertaken as director and I hope to achieve the best film possible with the support my crew and you, the audience. 


I started out as a producer to try something different and ended up loving it as I was able to organise so many different things. Over the last couple of years, I have become a very confident producer and believe that I can not only do my job as a producer, but also be able to work closely with each team member. 

Crime drama films are one of my favourite genres, so producing this film meant that I was able to push myself even further than ever before. I am so happy to produce this film as I believe that with a team like ours, the film will be made with much attention to small details. 


As cinematographer, I have spent many years learning how to use various camera systems and have been constantly pushing my abilities surrounding the technical aspects of filming. 

I want to work on this film because I have spent a long time working closely with the director, writing the script. I feel very confident in my understanding of the characters and the story, which has allowed me to have a clear vision for this film.


I've been doing visual and practical effects for many years and have become quite knowledgeable on the subject.

I have worked with Matthew Brennan and Cameron Fellows before and have a good repertoire with them as well as a keen understanding of their inspirations and visual style. Together I think we will achieve a unique look for the film as we build off our inspirations and each other.

ALEX GANT - 1st assistant director 

One of my favourite things in film is piecing together valuable assets to films such as the locations, in order to help make the film unique. I love to be able to organise key details for sets to have them run smoothly I have thoroughly enjoyed this process over the years and have been working to be the best 1st AD possible.

I approached this film to work as a 1st AD because I believe it has the ability to be a thrilling short film and the creation of which is something I would be overjoyed to partake In.

sid sureshkumar - sound operator

I believe that expert use of sound can help amplify the menacing undertone of this particular film whilst helping advance the story, allowing suspenseful soundscapes come together. Whilst it is intimidating being responsible for such a crucial element of the film, I welcome the challenge.

I truly believes in this film and its potential, along with my role and the vital role I plays in creating this fictional world.

Joshua long - editor

From listening to the pitch of Downfall, I was immediately drawn, but after reading the script I knew I absolutely had to work on this film. It’s exactly the kind of film that I want to represent my three years at uni. The themes and style of the film as well as the director and DOP’s ambition to make it a likeness of something like ‘Breaking Bad’ is really exciting. 

I’m a really enthusiastic member of any film crew, who prides himself on his quality of work. I have been editing for over 5 years and hope I can bring some intuitive and exciting ideas to the film. I am committed to this project all the way and want to be involved in the film across all stages of production, not just the edit stage. I hope to add a lot of dynamic to this already very strong team of filmmakers. 

Your story

This is our graduating film so of course it is incredibly important to us. Not only is this the biggest project we have worked on yet, but also the one that will teach us the most and kickstart our careers. 

With "Downfall", we are creating a film that we would all love to see on the big screen as we are all passionate about the genre and the visual style of the film. Together as a team, we have a clear understanding and passion for "Downfall". Alongside, we want to make the production process of this film different to what we have done before: more professional and sustainable. Having a high standard for our workflow and keeping our priorities in line is something that can get lost in filmmaking, especially on set. We aim for this production to be of a very high, professional standard as well as the most sustainable and eco-friendly as it can be! 

Where will the money go?

The money will primarily go to actor fees, location fees, meals for cast and crew, props and wardrobe. We have four main actors along with many extras therefore we need help in order to pay the actors. 

Our film requires many different locations, most of which we are able to find within our university. However, we also have locations, such as a bar, that will require us to rent out an appropriate space in order to make the scenes believable. This is where a big part of the funding will go to. 

A big part of the money will also go to meals for cast and crew, which we are aiming to make ourselves as to reduce our waste. As well as buying props and wardrobe second hand, in order to further reduce our carbon footprint. 

If we receive any extra funding, we will have a bigger budget for entering the film into film festivals!

Here is a short breakdown of our budget: 

  • Actors/Actresses (two main actors, one main actress, ten extras: £900
  • Locations:  £200
  • Travel (van hire, petrol and trains): £230
  • Meals: £50 
  • Props/Wardrobe/Make-up: £200


We will be giving updates every week all the way through pre-production, production to post-production. As a team, we are having meetings every week, therefore it would be including you in those crew production meetings!


We are very excited about our perks! Some of them will be hand made, for example the notebooks. Most importantly, all of them will have sustainability in mind! All paper perks will be printed on recycled paper or otherwise digital! 

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Help us succeed!

You don't need to donate financially to help us succeed! We would appreciate it just as much if you are able to share this project around, with your friends, family or anyone you think might be interested! Share this in any way you can; through social media, over the phone or in passing conversation! 

If you can and are supporting us by donating some money, we appreciate it immensely!! We are really excited about the project (and our perks)!