Anglia Ruskin Emergency Medicine Research Group

A project by: Anglia Ruskin EMRG

The best Emergency Medicine through research and education


Emergency Medicine (EM) is recognised worldwide as a medical speciality that provides a variety of urgent treatment and care interventions to patients. Having established various colleges and fellowships, research projects, and education frameworks, EM has expanded practice in settings in-and out-of-hospital.  

Anglia Ruskin University delivers a wide range of curriculum and programs that educates healthcare professionals to provide high quality emergency care (i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, and Physician Associates). Committed clinicians and educators at ARU have come together to establish an EM network to contribute to the professions and community. This group seeks to guide research and education activities as well as being a point of contact for individuals and organisations with similar interests. We appreciate the global diversity of EM and hope to network, discuss, and debate a broad range of topics in this field.  


The best Emergency Medicine through research and education.


To promote global inter-professional Emergency Medicine research and education.  

To contribute and facilitate inter-professional collaboration and networking.  

To establish and conduct research activities within the university and partner organisations.  

To develop an active scholarly culture by the consolidation and dissemination of projects.  

Who we are

The research group was established by staff at Anglia Ruskin University who have a special interest and passion toward Emergency Medicine.  The group lead, Dr Enrico Dippenaar, have brought together colleagues from various healthcare disciplines to pursue research and education that will benefit patients and the community.


This will be a rolling fund to help support our groups activities, such as launching primary research studies and engaging with practitioner exchanges with our international partners.


We hope that you will share our passion for Emergency Medicine by engaging in our activities and supporting the development of research and educational projects.  We want to host events in the future and will invite contributing individuals to come share in our success.  There will be annual financial reports made available to ensure transparency in how the fund is spent.

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Twitter: @ARU_EMRG