Welcome to our ARU Crowdfunding platform, where we have created a space for you to bring your chosen project to life (along with a little help from our friends at Hubbub!).

Here we've collected some of our university's most exciting projects for you, created by our ARU staff and students, to share, sponsor and help achieve success.

ARU Crowdfunding can help you raise the money you need to run your project, giving you a platform to showcase your campaign and connect with your donors.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money and support for a project from your personal networks and the general public. If people like your project, they will each make a small donation towards it's success, in return for a small reward (from a tweet, to tickets to your event, a t-shirt or poster - you the creator can be as inventive as you like!).

If a project meets its target and goes ahead, donors will receive regular updates by email. They can also contact the project team directly by leaving a comment or sending them a message.

How Do I Create a Project?

Projects are created by our students and our staff. We review all projects for suitability, judging them on the quality of the presentation of the projects, their goals, and the level of organisation and commitment demonstrated by the teams behind them.

Please make sure you read our ARU Crowdfunding User Guidelines before you get started on your project to make sure you are familiar with what you need to do before, during and after your campaign.

To get started, simply login and enter a few key details: a description of what you want to do, a funding target, a completion date, and some rewards for pledges. Images and videos are essential in bringing your project to life and showcasing why YOUR campaign deserves sponsorship.

The ARU Crowdfunding team will be able to offer advice, tips and feedback every step along the way. You can email them on giving@anglia.ac.uk.

User Guide and Agreement


Thanks to the generous gifts of our alumni and friends to the ARU Foundation, (Anglia Ruskin University’s Charitable Trust), we are privileged to offer match-funding to current students that meet the eligibility criteria.

All-or-Nothing Funding?

Every project must achieve its minimum needed by its completion date or no funds change hands. Why? Part of the appeal of crowdfunding is that sponsors get to engage with projects and see where their money is going. This keeps everyone happy!

Find out more

ARU Crowdfunding is operated by Anglia Ruskin University’s Development Team, who welcome any questions you may have before you get started, or at any point along your crowdfunding journey. You can contact a member of the team on: giving@anglia.ac.uk.